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Boston Mamas

He's ridiculously delicious. I'll refrain from obvious joke about being stuck on his head... -Christine


*snort* at Christine's comment.

He's QUITE delectable, that's all I'm sayin'



It was so very, very hard writing this post and keeping it PG13 - though if having a dirty mind is wrong, let me be BAD!


I want to do dirty things to him.

(Jake, not the octopus.)

foradifferentkindofgirl (fadkog)

I would quite like Jake to come to my house and act this out during the many, many times I tell my boys each week to just separate already when some kind of toy/DS/wrestling drama breaks out between them.

However, Jake would be required to separate himself from his shirt at some point in the lecture. Because of likely chafing purposes. Or whatever.

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