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A Vapid Blonde

T-Rex is irredescent...I love that and I am quite sure that the baby jesus is probably tough. Not tender at all...pfft.


I think I can speak for every man in the world when I say that is the best nativity scene ever in the universe.


LOL!! Those are funny! My kids have the FP Little People nativity sets.

It's funny when they start mixing in the other Little People. It's so hard to explain that the Bus Driver probably wasn't there when Jesus was born. But what do I know?!?!


Oh, and no, you're not going to hell. You just won Heaven.

katie | motherbumper

I don't think T-Rex cares if baby Jesus is tough or not. He's obviously just an appetizer. It's the entrée of Mary that will be the true culinary test.

I think you're right, my husband agrees.

Your kids may be right. Who to say that it wasn't a bus driver instead of donkey that got Mary and Joseph there? The Bible probably used a donkey because it sounded more romantic.


Any Son of God should be able to hold his own against a T-Rex!!

If I was to ever have a Nativity scene in my house (which isn't likely since I don't follow that crap) I'd hire you to come create it :)


I think many men and star war's geeks all over the world are orgasming right now... it's like when a bell rings an angel gets its wings... when dinosaurs and sci fi characters meet, dorks orgasm.

Redneck Mommy

If that is wrong I don't want to be right.

And I think you just inspired me...

Anything to watch my right-wing devoted Christian husband's head pop off and spin...

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