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katie | motherbumper

Coo loo coo coo coo coo coo coo, let's do this thang!

Woah, there's a lot to pick from... can't wait to see what folks add to the list.

I throw Mama Tulip from 'Where Am I Going... and Why Am I In This Handbasket' into the ring:


I'd like to nominate Amber Strocel from Strocel.com (http://www.strocel.com) She's entertaining, informative AND Canadian :) Plus she has a kick ass Guide to Maternity leave with cool graphics.

*whispers really quietly* I guess it looks bad if I nominate myself right?? ;)


I stuck my info in at BlogHer too..

you can find me raving about life and kids at http://www.crunchycarpets.com and ranting about Wet Coast Life at http://www.wetcoastwomen.com which is a place for ALL women bloggers of the west coast of Canada to hang and post and cross post......come join me!!!

Whoot to all the Canadians!!!

Her Bad Mother

Carrie! You can TOTALLY nominate yourself!


I'll throw into the mix:


Great idea!


Just one? I love so many!


... and that's just 4 of 'em!



Oh my holy hell. You mean I have to PICK??


Alison from Party Of Three. (http://itsjustapie.blogspot.com/) She's got the kind of sly humour that makes it imperative that you aren't drinking anything when you read her posts.

Bronwyn from Buggering Crap Monkies (http://www.buggeringcrapmonkies.com/) The story of a small girl who grew up to have bad dogs and a new husband. Snortingly funny.

Stephanie from Crooked House (http://crookedhouse.typepad.com/crookedhouse/) because she's incredibly literate, takes wonderful pictures, and always has very cool things to click on in her sidebar.

Oh, so many more.....


but I sadly nominated myself for the canada weblog awards because nobody else would! So there nyah!!!


hey! I just posted a mass of awesome mom bloggers and it has vanished!! noooooo





to name a few!

katie | motherbumper

@Crunchy - I support your self-nomination FTW! NYAH!


I feel weird nominating myself...so I won't but here are some amazing bloggers I love.

Everytime I read EarnestGirls blogs it's like finding myself in the eye of a hurricane that is my life - it's a peaceful moment and her words wash over me. I love her. http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/earnestgirl_west_coast_chronicles

Candace writes like she's inside my mind - make me LOL. http://www.yummymummyclub.ca/candace_derickx_see_mummy_juggle

Amanda's blog has the BEST recipes - her orgasm fudge is, well, orgasmic http://thebestmomontheblock.blogspot.com/


I'm going to second the Tulip...because, dude, I wish I could write half as well as she does (http://www.mamatulip.com)

and, obviously, *I* should be on this list...because I have never been on any list ever. haha! (http://www.alimartell.com)

also, Kate at Sweet Salty? AMAZING (http://www.sweetsalty.com)

Her Bad Mother

Kate and Katherine are at the top of all my lists. As you, sweet Ali ;)

Her Bad Mother

BAH. As ARE you, Ali. On my lists you are. Lists with you I has. Argh.


OMG, I can nominate myself?! Well, I DO read me everyday! And I think I am pretty awesome. :)

So I nominate me at http://www.lifecandy.net, as well as, http://torturedpotato.com/cheeseblog/ and http://www.alimartell.com, while I'm at it. :)


She's a very new blogger with a powerful voice. For those looking for other Canadian mammas, check out Susan at She's just back to work after her maternity leave.


And HOLD.THE.PHONE---you Canadian mom's get A YEAR of maternity leave? Do you also allow same sex marriages because, I'm an unwed mother who would like to get in on that (ie: one of y'all hilarious blogging ladies should marry me).


Since Sharon feels funny nominating herself I will do it instead:


I've snortlaughed so many times reading her stuff. Plus it was because of her blog that I stalked her...er..I mean met her and became friends IRL.


Bon at Crib Chronicles! I just found her during the last go around of the Canadian Blog Awards. Woman can write.

Amber Strocel

I must thank Carrie profusely for nominating Strocel.com. I must say, I enjoy her blog, http://rogoclan.blogspot.com/, immensely.

I also love PhD in Parenting (http://www.phdinparenting.com/). No matter what you think about Annie, you've got to admit she brings it.

Mr Lady

I am not nominating myself, because, yeah, Texass and all, but I just wanted to make you feel better by pointing out that I *was* a Canadian blogger when Babble picked me, so there's THREE. GO TEAM MAPLE LEAFS* AND MOUNTIES**.

*and by that, I in no way mean the ACTUAL Maple Leafs. Toronto has a vast multitude of awesome, but everyone knows the Canadians are where it's at in Canada. *ducks*

**I was never once mounted by a mountie in the three years I spent there. I got robbed.

Recovering Procrastinator

www.strocel.com/ is my favorite Canadian blog.

Most informational: www.phdinparenting.com.

Can dads get some love? I like Curious Dad at http://communities.canada.com/vancouversun/blogs/parenting/

I recently discovered and am loving Finding Trinity: http://findingtrinity-michele.blogspot.com/

Her Bad Mother

Shannon, I KNOW that you were there, but I was all unsure about the ex-pat ex-pat factor. You are, however, ALL CANUCK in my book.

Her Bad Mother

Recovering Procrastinator - dads can certainly get some love. We LOVE dads!

Also, Annie/PhD, yes. One of my faves, too!


Oh! 2 more:

Nadine @ scarbiedoll.blogspot.com
Terra @ mommyismoody.com

And Motherbumper? Where's Katie?

The World's Greatest Redneck Mommy

Y'all should check out http://mommyismood.com

And of course, it goes without saying, http://herbadmother.com and http://theredneckmommy.com

Cuz we rock. Even if I am prejudiced.

Oh, and let's not forget http://motherbumper.com She may be wee but she is mighty.

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