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I think she is so freaking cute. That is what I think every single time I see her.

I have one girly girl and one, diry, bug catching, jeans wearing, wouldn't wear a dress if her life depended on it little girl. The girl wants to be a freaking Transformer when she grows up. Seriously.

Shrug. Whatever. As long as they wear clothes, I could care less what they wear. If I were a magazine, I'd wonder why Suri Cruise never wears a coat in winter, before I'd worry about Shiloh wearing boys clothes. Have you seen that girl? Her parents and siblings will be wearing a coat and hat and she's wearing a summer dress and freaking high heels.


My daughter almost always wears pants - except for when she runs naked through the house. Hopefully I'm not going to turn her into a transgendered stripper when she grows up.

US Weekly is becoming more stupid with each passing month. I used to read them but stopped once they started looking an awful lot like Star or In Touch, full of made-up stories. (Although I will cop to reading US Weekly if I'm in an airport or on a ferry boat. It's strange how travel lowers my ability to concentrate on anything more than pretty pictures.)

katie | motherbumper

@Issa - Now I want to be a Transformer when I grow up. Seriously.

@Marilyn - If this BS is true (and it's not), my daughter will also be a transgendered stripper when she grows up. Currently she is buck nekkid without a stitch and she has a pair of pants wrapped around her shoulders like a shawl. I suppose I might be shown mercy because she *is* using the pants like they are an article of girly clothing but I didn't see one caveat that allows such a thing to occur.


red pen mama

Wow. That was a slow news day. Kudos to that expert for getting someone to cough up dough for that opinion.

Um, what kind of expert exactly?


Oh, dear. What does it say about me that I wear jeans every single day?

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