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Good lord!!! If stuff like that happened when I was at school I'd have been sentenced with the death penalty and executed! My BFF & I once super glued a ruler to the table in music. We only got told "I'm very disappointed in the both of you ". I won't even go into what else we did!
I think schools take things way too far. This story is just unbelievable!!


Wow. While I understand that in some areas, you need to have zero tolerance and can't draw subjective distinctions between a doddle and a tag, I also think that even for a tag, that would be overreacting. It wouldn't hurt some budding gang member much to scrub some desks after school, either. Yikes.


@Becca_Masters I agree! I wasnt kidding, Id be in maximum security prison by now -- without a high school diploma -- if this is how they treated me back in the day.

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