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Oi! I'll admit that when I was picking out a Children's dictionary for my 4 year old, I wanted one that didn't have a definition for sex. That is something I want to teach her at the right time. But grade 4 is more that old enough to hear about oral sex. I do like that parent's comment about the encyclopaedia tho...smart parent.


@mapsgirl - A four year old -- I totally get that. Its not something that should be on their radar. Not that Im saying oral sex should be on a fourth graders radar either but at least the idea of sex at that age isnt completely inappropriate. Oi! indeedy.



I remember getting very limited sex ed type info at grade 3 or 4. All about strangers and improper touching. Sure, it sucks that your 8 or 9 year old is curious about sex but *NEWSFLASH* that's to be expected. Parents need to try and remember what THEY were curious about at that age.

red pen mama

Clearly, a parent in denial. Probably should have taken a really deep breath first. Then gone and talked to the kid.


Geezuz! It's one thing for the parent to complain but another for the entire district to BAN IT! OMG. My head might explode from the stupidity.


Seriously? That is ridiculous. Absolute insanity. Idiocracy, here we come.



Yeah, my parents always had the policy that if I could read it, it was fair game. And then they made me sit on the stairs during the sex scenes of movies. So, my first exposure to sex was just the noises. LOL.

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