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Total overkill. I can't believe that anyone would imply that this breaks a gun policy.


@Jessi I obviously feel the same way. Its like common sense has left the building. Teach through open discussion, not fear.

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The principal went way overboard with respect to this tiny toy gun. The focus should be on paying attention to and calling in question behavior of children that may be struggling to fit in, make friends, and have adjustment issues....kids who exhibit signs of stress, anxiety and/or depression. Schools should encourage inclusion and activities that provide the opp'y to learn empathy and other positive behaviors, so there are fewer children that develop emotional issues. Children are even more vulnerable to emotional issues and depression once they hit puberty. If we made more of an effort to have policies of intervention and training to detect troubled children, then maybe there would be fewer children who feel so alone and develop hatred for themselves and everyone that they resort to violence. This is the trend of most of the school shootings that occur.

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