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This game seems almost as exciting as the Deer Hunter board game.

*rolls dice*

Dammit! Lost again.


Wow. That's spectacularly bad.

*Pixie* @ ArtistMotherTeacher.com

Wow. There is as much wrong with the packaging as there is the "game". Count me out thanks.

Melissa @MBonn

Wow. Holy bad idea batman


Okay, this is bad. Really bad. Parenting and manufacturing fail. Do not teach kids this is a game. Yeah, I'm with you. But, I am totally distracted by the fact that the packaging seems to be in what? Chinese? And the translations are to German and English. Also, it seems to be scanned from a print ad. Like, where is this normal?


Dude...stuff from other countries is always so wack. The rest of the world makes America look halfway sane.


That's just so... wrong!!!

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