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Karen Chatters

I totally agree with you. It's none of my business what he did. It's between Tiger and Elin and his family. He doesn't owe me an apology. I understand he's a "public figure" and all that and kids look up to him but I'm not sure he owes them an apology as much as the parents of those kids have some explaining to do.


Personally if it was sex rehab we all know addicts relapse, at least once. One month in rehab does not a new man make and if he cannot take care of himself then how can he truly take care of a wife and kids emotionally?! I do not know if I would stand by him, probably only for the reinstatement of the child support & alimony that he would be needing to pay in the future, after the divorce.

It will be interesting to see what he does say.


I think what he did was shitty. BUT - I don't think he owes an apology to anyone but his wife/kids.


I'm a bit half n half on this one. I don't really think he has to apologise to anyone but his family. On the other hand though, he was a role model for a lot of young kids, esp. boys, and maybe they need to hear an apology too? They certainly need to see the consequences of behaving like a randy goat and disrespecting your wife and children.

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