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That is just SAD.


Uh...yeah.. ewwww

Howie Montgomery

Well, he was the second choice after someone pointed out that it was even creepier when she sang it with Billy Ray. ;)

Stephanie Stearns Dulli

Oh good Christmas. This is so disturbing. And gross. Grossly distrurbingly and yes, eleventh billion kinds of wrong. Man, I'm an artists
and I gotta tell you...I would NEVER let me kid do hist like this. No way.

Musings of a Housewife

This really just makes me sad. And also, I have a very impressionable 7-year-old girl who thinks Miley Cyrus walks on water. And knows the words to all her songs. Obviously this song will not make my iPod, but I am just very disappointed b/c I had been hoping Miley might be the exception to the hollywood-child-star-train-wreck rule.


I HAVE a 17 year old daughter, and the thought of a leering Brett Michaels anywhere near her makes me want to do a preemptive Silkwood-type scrub-down on her. And my brain. (Although she has mentioned that she DOES think Springsteen is 'hot', but come on-- she's a teenager, she's not dead!)

Honestly? This duet and the younger sister's sluttastic clothing line are irrefutable proof that the parents are either so jaded by Hollywood that they don't see the obvious risks, or they are so hungry for fame even once-removed that they are willing to sell their children for it. These girls are MINORS-- their lack of judgement is understandable, but their 'decisions' have to be facilitated by the adults around them. I'd love to hear anyone try to make a case that these choices are in any way in their children's best interest.


You know what? I just threw up. It's not even a very good song but the ick factor is WAY UP THERE.

Wicked SteppMom

I'm so unbelievably creeped out by this. I actually saw Bret Michaels (w/Poison) in concert when I was in high school in 1990, when I was 14...I'm 34 now & have a 5 yo daughter that worships Hannah/Miley. ick-Ick-ICK!! I can't even bring myself to watch the video, since the picture that's displayed just looks like a pedophile & a wh*re.

MFA Mama

I just threw up in my mouth a little. True story. Thanks for that.


I was right with you on crushing on Brett Michaels 20 years ago.
When his truly disturbing reality show was on for the first time one of my teenagers called me in the room to see it. I watched for a few minutes and said "Oh, crap, he turned into *that guy*", what guy, "The pathetic creepy old guy who thinks the young girls are after him 'cause he's still HAWT, not because he's famous, or rich." "Oh, okay, that's what I thought." I asked if he was going to keep watching it, "Only if you want too,", "God, no!", "Good, Mythbusters is on."

Myley Cyrus? Ewwww.... Dude, the reality show proves your desperate, you don't have to go that far.


Hmm.. remember those photos Annie Leibowitz took of her, that got everyone up in arms, and Vanity Fair sort of apologized for, even though the ones of her with her dad were far creepier and he was there the whole time approving the images as they were shot?

Um, yeah. Wonder who's going to be left holding the bag for this little stunt. 'Cause that's how the Cyrus family seems to work. Pimp your daughter out, then have someone else apologize when the world says "hey, wait a minute".

It's enough to make me sick.

Dawn @ Coming to a Nursery Near You

Ok, seriously - ew. Not only the age difference - but just the whole thing. She's been overly exposed - in more ways than one - for years now - and just. EW.


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