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I think for it to be relevent to today's youth they have to do SOME updates. This movie is directed towards a pre-teen to teen audience I imagine so a laptop at the very least would be expected. Do reporters now-a-days use notebooks and pens?


I think in this day and age it makes sense. I just now wonder how long I can keep my blogging a secret from my children, once they see this movie, which I'm sure they'll want too. Sigh.


It does, I admit, make sense in this day and age. I guess I'm just feeling all, Hey Disney, hands off my classics! You know?

Issa - my six-year-old daughter is just cottoning on to the fact that I have a blog. I spent so much time worrying about my family finding out about it in the beginning, I never really thought about the day when my KIDS would know about it. Ack!

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