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Have voted.

Thanks for the applause, but please don't jump on the coffee table. I have a horrific image in my head of it breaking and you bruising some more delicate areas. :-)

metro mama

Off to vote! Very exciting.


Hmm... I tried to vote, but I'm taken to a page thanking me for already voting when I haven't yet!

Will re-start my compy and try again. I have post drafted to publicize this effort - thanks for putting so much work into organizing it!


Looks like restarting solved the issue, whatever it was! :-)

Her Bad Mother

AWESOME!!!! Go voters, go voters, go voters!!!


Thanks for the applause as well, for me as well as I am sure so many of us it is about personally taking responsiblity for what we decide to do each and every day...Yep I will be doing the actions each month..looking forward to doing it together! In a TEAM we do so much more and think of the money you may SAVE this very year!


I voted. It's probably fairly obvious what I chose. However, all of the issues are important, so I want to be involved no matter what the outcome.

And the monthly personal action items? Genius.

The City Gal

Hi all,

CBC radio this morning had a special on reducing packaging:

I will try to find the podcast and post it. Some manufacturers are planning to go "naked" from now on.

On a separate note, a few new announcements are coming in Ontario (I am not allowed to give details)that will show how we can recycle items that contain mercury (thermostats, switches, lamps).

I will post links and these exciting news on my weblog soon.

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