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nic @mybottlesup

OHMYGOD SHE IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!! the bongs look nice too... but OH WHAT A GORGEOUS GIRL.


want bongs....now

RiceWenchie aka Tamara

:::nomnomnom::: They BOTH look good enough to gobble up! :o)

Redneck Mommy

Okay. Remind me to buy you REAL BAKING SHEETS.

As a professional baker's granddaughter I can't stop staring at the aluminum tins those bongs are on.

Wrecked the whole damn post for me.

Yes, I'm anal retentive.

Her Bad Mother

Hey, even the Pioneer Woman recommends pie tins for easy storage and sharing. SO THERE.

But I'll take your baking sheets ;)

domestic extraordinaire

I am attempting the Pioneer Woman's Cinnamon Rolls today-I have to get the proper disposable pans for the hot gooey mess. Not sure that I want to share, because, hello....cinnamon rolls!

Sarcastic Mom / Lotus

Oh, how I love step 10. Perfect.

erin collard

You are truly the Dark Mistress of baked goods. I bow to your awesome cream cheese fiendishness.


Hee. Awesome. Also, HOW Adorable, your child. ;D
My brother made some cracktastic cream cheese frosting for pumpkin cookies this week.
I got to bring it home. :P

Chapstick Pezbian

When it's "that time" (or really any time for that matter), I steal a tube/can/whatever of these from my parents' fridge, bake them, cover them in the icing provided, cover them in MORE cream cheese icing (from the little tubs from the store...I'm an insanely busy student. I don't have time to make my own.), and then I drizzle (or pour - your choice) hot fudge all over them. Incredibly messy but incredibly delectable. (And I get them all too myself since my friends/family won't touch them because they are too messy.)


Mmmmm.. it is midnight. And now I'm hungry. God those looks good :) I'm kind of hating you right now. Not really, but okay maybe just a little.

Her Bad Mother

Chapstick Pezbian WINS.

(hot fudge over cinnamon bongs oh mah gah YUUUMMMMMM)

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