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Wow I am on the look out for the Flintstone Cartel.
Great read.

Petra aka The Wise (Young) Mommy

haha, that's too funny. Your daughter is resourceful, I'd watch your Xanax stash LIKE A HAWK! lol.


Don't worry - my Mom had to check me every day to make sure I was wearing underpants - after several incidents when I wore no underpants...under a skirt. And I turned out okay. No criminal record to speak of.

Redneck Mommy


This bad kid needs a visit from her bad aunty to straighten her out. Snort.

In other news, this is why I prefer not to give my kids vitamins at all.

Weak bones make for bad drug dealers.

Bad mothering for the win!


I could totoally see my daughter doing something like that!! This is one reason we have the vitamins in the cupboard over the stove. Besides the one over teh fridge, it is the most difficult one to access!.

I love this site. Great posts...they make me feel like maybe I'm not doing that bad a job :)

Nancy from Fear and Parenting in Las Vegas

Personally I see a bright future for the *precocious* child. Get 'em hooked young and you've got customers for life. Has she been watching Mad Men?

Gummy viatmins...the gateway drug of the next generation.

red pen mama

That is hilarious. I put the vitamins on a high shelf in my home. They look too much like candy, and my older one likes to share!


Maniacal Mom

Too funny! At least she's an Entrepreneur!

Laflacad aka Dianne

This totally made my day! Hilarious. Kid is very giving. I remember stealing the chewables as a kid and hording them all to myself.


If she ups the ante to the Centrum Jr's, you're fucked. That's like switching from outdoor to BC Primo.


My stomach dropped right when you answered YOUR phone, cause I've had a LOT of those calls since preschool and we're in 5th grade now! Oh, just when you think they couldn't POSSIBLY think up any more shenanigans, the phone will ring again! I know, one day I'll look back and laugh, so as a keepsake, I've started just letting the machine get the initial principal call while I sit directly in front of it waiting/betting to see if they've got the balls to say EXACTLY what the infraction was, depending on the severity of said infraction. It also saves me the embarrassment of my initial shock and verbal "WTF was he thinking???" response. Like a new age baby scrap book, I'm going to have an entire collection of digitally recorded principal calls to play for his first girlfriend...that will DEF trump any nudie pics I may have saved up!


The first gummy vitamin is free. That's how they hook you.


Kid's vitamins are like crack. Every morning without fail the first thing my son asks for is his vitamin. God help us all if I forget...or run out. Eeek! Now that I think about it I better stock up tomorrow.

Mary-Anne Flowers

a dietitian in training. Or pharmacist?

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