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yup, those are some killer boobs...damn, the only way mine would EVER look that good is with some serious surgery.

Wahhhh, I wanna be a celebrity :(


Good grief, mine were never that perky BEFORE kids! Now, I'm dangerously close to "rocks in socks" syndrome.

Life just ain't fair...


In all fairness it doesn't help that she's ridiculously hot.

And no. You are so. Not. Alone.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to get back to dribbling.


HOly crap that woman is GORGEOUS. And I like her with short hair too.

Speaking of boobies, I do feel a little better wearing my new Miraculous Bra from VS. Now my little saggy a's have a new life. Not close to Halle's, but they look better.

Wendy Armbruster Bell

She has always had good boobs... and she is drop-dead gorgeous no matter what she wear, with or without make-up and no matter what she does with her hair. I hate her a teeny little bit and am in awe of her a WHOLE LOT!


Two words (I have friends in the costume world): DUCK TAPE. No joke, there is tape holding those puppies up.

Hope that makes you all feel better. It does me.


Its true, they're taped, and possibly there are other "appliances" under there to smooth things out and perk things up.

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