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I would consent if asked. I've let students perform is before, but I've *always* been asked. And conscious. I'm so. so. so. ANGRY and horrified by this.

Write the CMA? MPs? MPPs/MLAs? Hospitals?

I don't know. But we need to do *something*


Wow, this is unbelievable. I would just assume that if I was going under a general that people would be treating my body with respect and not using me as a lab rat.


This makes me want to cry! Not. OK.


Freaking out. Freaking. This is so unbelievably disgusting. Misogynistic. Horrible.

Her Bad Mother

I would probably give my consent, too, although I now have some sensitivities (totally irrational) since mine got shredded and put back together improperly, and HATE the idea of those parts being marveled at BUT, yeah, I'd probably give it.

The idea of it happening WITHOUT my consent. Makes me feel ill.

carrien (she laughs at the days)

Want to puke actually.

And I had the same thought re: roofies and rapists.


It's horrifying that this is even happening in today's day and age. Canadian women deserve not to have their bodies violated while under sedation. The thought makes me sick to my stomach and fills me with rage. How dare these hospitals use unconscious women as lab animals for medical students! Here's an idea, use cadavars at the med school who have agreed to be used for educational purposes!


This makes SICK. WTF can they be thinking? I have been so uber green with envy over the Canadian HC system (Which I truly envy) but this is disgusting.

Canada deserves BETTER!


Julie @ The Mom Slant

I'm simply horrified - not just that it's happening to women without their knowledge or consent, but that so many medical students do it without batting an eyelash. Who in their right mind thinks this is okay?!


That is terrible. That is an unquestionable violation.
I'd raise holy h3ll!!

Kristina Brooke

I am a rape survivor and I don't think your comparison is harsh. Any action performed on you without your consent or when you are not in control is rape and just because the rapist is a doctor or med student does not make it better.

I say this is a global issue and needs to be addressed. Loudly!


I am in total disbelief. We are all about supporting science and education in this family, and I too would probably consent but this is disturbing to say the least.


is nothing sacred anymore? remind me not to need surgery next time i'm in canada! i agree with the author, this is akin to rape.

Ann Douglas

Consent must be granted, not implied. What's so difficult to grasp about THAT, medical-legal people? Is this 2010 or 1960? Shocked and angry.

A petition is definitely in order. Thank you for alerting me to this.


WTF ... I saw a mention thing go around twitter too. I thought it was some kind of Fox news story. This is for real? In Canada? This is just so wrong on so many levels.

Michelle @ doudoubebe.com

WHAT??? I knew that there was a policy about this, but was under the apparently incorrect impression that this required specific consent. I am horrified - women need to be aware of this (since apparently no one is telling them). How do we get the word out?

Howie Montgomery

What? I can't even begin to express how much this upsets me. I was sexually abused as a kid and it was years before I could even get a pap without crying. And I know that many people would be cool with it, so why not let women who aren't opt out? I'm in for any sort of action. Plus I'm local so I could do any in person stuff.


I just did a post on this too. I've linked back to yours. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.


Get that petition going! Seriously, that is just HORRIFIC. UNBELIEVABLE.


Count me in the 40% of "no". I'd likely give my consent if I were *conscious*, but not un. Head reeling.

When I was in labour with my 2nd & was all hopped up on endorphins, I looked around the room which seemed full and made everyone identify themselves. The med student did so & I specifically said "You? don't touch me" (was feeling punchy. Sue me). After I had given birth, I looked down and who do you think was doing my stitches? At the time I was all "oh. um. ok then", but thinking back I want to slap me silly and scream "HEY!! Remember me? I specifically said 'NO'!" Actually I more want to slap him.

Who the HELL do you think we are? I haven't even had surgery and I'm feeling a little like a cadaver.


That is absolutely disgusting. Vile.


What an astonishing invasion of privacy. I hope some feminist lawyers get a court to order hospitals to stop this practice immediately.

There *are* people willing to consent to be medical students' training exam. In fact, I once had a housemate who worked as a "teaching assistant" at a medical school, getting such exams twice/week from students. Not my cup of tea, but IT WAS HER CHOICE.

Wendy Armbruster Bell

That is so wrong on so many levels. I am horrified!


Curious and slightly skeptical, I just called three different friends with medical degrees from three different hospitals in Canada and NONE of them preformed this practice.

Please don't believe everything you read, people.

Scout's Honor

I am considering a hysterectomy right now. Thank God in the U.S. I would never, ever consider this okay for me to be a guinea pig after a major surgery. In fact, it would deter me from getting the medically necessary help and surgery I need.

In my opinion, this is rape. Pure and simple.

********Rape by bureaucracy.********


It must stop now.

Furthermore, it is yet one more reason I do not want governmental bureaucracies involved in the U.S. health care system. Canada is often cited as an example as it is and lauded by President Obama supporters.

If this is what it means, NO THANK YOU!


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