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This practice is deplorable, absolutely deplorable. Sounds like rape to me.

Maria @BOREDmommy



I'm totally shocked. Unbelievable.


PLEASE stop this practice!! Just ask first!!



There is no way in hell this is okay, on any level. I'm not Canadian, but I'm saying NO for all of Canada!

No Hay-Hay exploration without authorization!!!

Mama in the City

WOW. What the heck! Of course this sounds deplorable but I have to say that I work as an OB RN and I go in the OR with women under general anesthetic while in a teaching hospitals. I have never seen this happen, not even close.

Of course it sounds outrageous but at the same time I would like more information about this actually happening. I wonder if this is just an outdated policy that no longer actually occurs in practice?


Oh dear lord. That is shocking. Shocking.

wife mom maniac

Time to put this debacle to an end


Had the article in the Globe and Mail said that men were being given prostate exams while under anesthesia, and without previous consent, there would be massive public outcry and law suits up the ... well, you know.
The fact that the CMA can admit to this with such impunity is frightening and disgusting.


I really hope that didn't happen to me. Please make ti STOP!!!


Absolutely not! I'd be happy to donate a little hoo-hoo probing action in the name of science, but for the love of all that is good and holy, the least you could do is give me a consent form! Skeevy.


Things like this happen all the time in American hospitals - doctors performing things on women without their knowledge and consent (or informed consent). It happens most often during labor, and it's called Birth Rape. It's also 100% illegal (an unethical), and constitutes criminal battery. Many people refuse to believe that Birth Rape exists, therefore it's quietly swept under the rug. Dr. Rixa Freeze included the subject of Birth Rape in her doctoral dissertation and it's a sobering read. If we care about women being raped in Canadian hospitals, we better start caring about women being raped right here in American hospitals, or anywhere in the world, as well.


I think I seriously threw up a little in my mouth when I read the article.

I would say it's unbelievable but sadly, I have been under the care of several doctors who I could see being a'ok with this practice!

So yeah, DROP the speculum and back up off the surgery table!


Wow, what a violation! Yes, that needs to stop!


I would give consent if asked before the surgery, in fact have given consent for a medical student to give me a pelvic exam at my GP's office. (It's a teaching practise.) But non-consensual? Just. Not. Right.

lynn Sewards-Best

time to stop this practice in te Hospitals!

Julie @ The Mom Slant

This is wrong. Women under general anesthesia who are given no say in procedures applied to their bodies for the sole purpose of education - not in any way related to their own health - is WRONG.


Unacceptable behaviour in any country, for any reason. No more procedures of any kind on unconsenting women.

Annie @ PhD in Parenting

This is awful. Disgusting. Unethical.


This is in no way acceptable without IMPLICIT consent.


BEYOND reprehensible. Barbaric. Unethical. Rape. This must end.


How is this supposed to be any different than giving a woman roofies and then fingering her? Because it's in a hospital? Don't think so.


Awful! Consent MUST be given before any sort of probing!!!


This disgusts and frightens me. It's medical rape. Make this illegal. Whether the woman is awake or asleep, whether it's a random person or a doctor, with a penis or a medical instrument, rape is rape.


This is disgusting... and it needs to stop.

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