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it's a hard one! (no pun intended!!)
um - I'd have to share it with my friends (both online and not-online ones). I'd take lots of pictures, but I wouldn't make a big deal out of it infront of the kidlet. eventually it's a toy they'll grow out of. hopefully.

besides, if it's part of their childhood, you're bound to have loads of photos, and you can use them as a parenting tool when h/she gets to the teenage years. :D

Adventures In Babywearing

Oh dear. I have no idea. If it is my child's lovey, I don't think I'd have the heart to do that, but maybe just suggest a different way to carry it? :)



Toady appears to be happy to see us.

Wicked Stepmom

Oh my. That *is* unfortunate.


Your daughter will probably grow up open-minded when it comes to gender fluidity, without necessarily remembering why. Childhood is awesome.


I don't think I've ever laughed so hard at anything on the Internet. Thanks for that much-needed boost. I dare say you'll be able to torture her with that when she's a teenager!




Keep it and embarrass her later! :)

another sue

I suspect the only one who will be mortified by these photos is your husband. It would seem, from what you have shared, that your daughter does not have the personality quirks which will lead to embarrassment. More likely she will be spurred on to further mortify her father, and perhaps, even you. Good luck with that one! And her brother!


I would have to get rid of it. But I am glad that you shared your photo. :)


*giggle* Awesome.

Redneck Mommy

Publish the photos, and frame the phallis. And then hang it in the family room.

Tell Kyle to MAN UP and grow a toady. Wink.

Wicked SteppMom

Tell Hubs that if he's absolutely insistent that Toady must go, that HE must be the one to explain to your daughter exactly why-with no lies. If he's able to come up with a reasonable explanation that won't result in her utter devastation (she's only what, 4?), more power to him...I've rarely been able to reason w/my 4 year old when it comes to even putting her Blankie in the washer & just have to endure the yelling.

carrien (she laughs at the days)

I would consider altering toady some how so that it still has the same soft plush lovieness but doesn't so closely resemble a penis.

You could dye it purple or stitch rip until it has a noticeable hole at the tip and then tell her the only way to fix it is to fold it over and sew the tip to the base so that it's a different shape. ;) She probably cares more about how it feels to snuggle with than how it looks anyway.


I TOTALLY agree with Wicked Stepmom. If he wants it gone, he has to be the one to explain to, honestly and reasonably, why Toady has to go.
I also think he needs to decide why he is giving so much power over his life and his daughter's happiness to a stuffed animal....


Hmmm. That is one unfortunately-shaped lovey. Since your daughter has deemed Toady worthy of her love, I would be inclined to tell your husband that Toady has to stay.


My son had a soothie pacifier which are one piece so the entire "nipple" area is open at the back. Well he used it as a koteka for awhile ...hehe

Also he used to "where's the penis?" "there it is, peekaboo" when we would change his diaper.

Is it possible that Toady could use some jackets and dresses/shirts? Then it would look less.... phallic.


PS I should add that he never used the soothie for its intended purpose. So don't get all freaked out about it being in his mouth *lol*


I might suggest that since it would be so absolutely *devastating* if something were to happen to Toady, it should be left at home, where it is safe from loss. (also parental embarrassment, but never mind that, little one, it's all about you.)

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