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WOW. I don't think I could do it.

When I pumped it was a serious process. And I had to focus. I just don't see myself reading a book to my kids while listening to whatever sound that contraption makes!

Wendy Armbruster Bell

There are other choices on the market, like this fabulous product (designed and manufactured by yours truly) that does not "look like a underwhelming Gaultier fail, like a prototype of Madonna's cone bra gone seriously awry". It is pretty and available in 7 fabulous prints to suit any mom's taste. Just sayin'...



You kid, but this was a LIFESAVER for me when I went back to work. I could bring my laptop into the pumping room (read: closet) and continue to work. Not super romantic, but when I was pumping 3x a day I would have had to work an extra hour each day if I didn't do this. So it may be scary, but I pink puffy heart the hands-free bustier!!!


Heck yeah, I loved this thing! I also used it while I was at work - locked away in a private office with no windows, I could use it and still respond to emails, surf the web and even occasionally eat lunch. It certainly beat the monotony of holding the cones and praying for the milk to come out faster when I pumped with my first kid!


So, I went back to work a few weeks after the kid was born and was dragging around a manual pump to client sites and on the ferry and any dingy place I could (even in the car). Trust me, it sucked. Literally. This would have been awesome.

Her Bad Mother

I can totally see it being handy (no pun intended). I'd probably consider using it if I were a) breastfeeding b) weren't afraid for tender nips (pumping was painful for me last time around) and c) it were maybe a bit prettier.

(Which means that I can't help but go check out PumpEase ;))


Yup, surfing the web while wearing one of these things (made by Wendy, thanks!) Should get some work done, but pumping is SUCH a good excuse for procrastination!

Wendy Armbruster Bell

@Her Bad Mother... thanks for checking out PumpEase. I'd love to hear what you think! If you poked around our site, did you come across this blog post? I was inspired by one of your mag articles: http://www.pumpease.com/the-blinders-of-our-cultural-norms-around-cross-nursing

Her Bad Mother

Hey Wendy,

I did check it out! The PumpEase are SUPER cute - almost makes me wish I was nursing again. (I'm actually pretty sure that my husband would say that they're sexy. Cuter than Gaultier any day ;))

And the post was great - your remarks on shared nursing were spot on.

Wendy Armbruster Bell

@Her Back Mother you rock!

Wendy Armbruster Bell

oops... typo... it's been a long day. Let's try that again shall we?

@Her Bad Mother you ROCK!

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