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I love the fact that the previous week's episode is replayed the following week with handy little "pop ups" in it to help you figure out WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!??


This is the best LOST post ever! My 5 year old asked, what's so funny? Cause I'm laughing so hard at your bereaved Sawyer comment. Sayid possessed by Jacob...I think you're on to something there! I believe the LOST writers are taking the same (or maybe stronger) meds you are when they write the show, cause it MAKES NO SENSE!

Meghan - AMomTwoBoys

Carrie, remember when VH1 used to do Pop Up Videos? Those were the best.

Anyway, I TOTALLY forgot about the children. Dammit, now there's another thing to add to my growing list of Lost confusion.

katie | motherbumper

I want to be cured of what ails me with a dip in the temple hot tub with Sawyer AND Sayid (Zombie Sayid, Jacob-Sayid hybrid, whoever Sayid is -- as long as it's his body). Then I'd make myself a LOST sandwich to cure whatever plague I'm currently carrying.

Obviously I am on the same cold medications but... whatever.

red pen mama

1. the space in LA X is representative of the sideways reality. Like: this is what happens... kinda. (I'm not even on meds, I'm just OBSESSED.)

2. Yes. That's right.

3. I like Dogen and Lennon, I have to admit. What I like best about Dogen, though, is Jack's reaction to him. I like the new Jack quite a bit.

5. I think the same thing, that jacob is going to turn out to be the bad guy. I don't want to think it.

6/9. Sayid/Crazy Claire: they had/have what the Frenchies got infected with. Probably. Although maybe Claire is just Rousseau all over again: crazy, bereaved mother who's been alone on the Island too long.

8. The children were in last week's episode (LA X). They handed out refreshments in the Temple. no really.

10. I actually don't like sad Sawyer. Like, at all. I'm afraid he's going to blow his head off. That's what I told my husband.

See? OBSESSED. I think about this show all the time. I have a problem. I'm okay with that.


I was really mad when i realized Flocke was not Locke, but rather umm, Anti-Jacob. I kinda liked Locke, in that you-are-more-interesting-than-Jack sort of way.

I keep feeling like Jacob, Flocke (aka MIB), and Richard are all tied together because of their non-aging & weird connection with the island. Is Jacob good, Flocke bad, and Richard some sort of neural Switzerland? I am not sure if the Swiss wear that much eyeliner.

Also, I was really hoping for like, a severed arm in Hugo's guitar case. Instead it was a fake wooden prop ankh. Seriously, it looked like something stolen from the set of the Mummy Returns...

Another note however, if Sayid is "infected" with something like Jacob, what was Clair infected with? I mean Dogen said Jack's sister was infected too, but with whom? Are they just the island spirits?

I still think they are going to end it all with some crazy "it was a dream" nonsense. They can't really go too spiritual because I know a lot of folks that will be pissed with a heaven/hell/purgatory ending. In all honesty, I think they stole a bunch of fan fiction and are winging it at this point.

Also, check out 5 Second Film's best ending guess: http://5secondfilms.com/v31/watch/lost_writers_room

carrien (she laughs at the days)

There were children. The two kids that were taken were in the scene with the stewardess right at the beginning when they were walking through the temple, but they were bigger. Remember, in the current time they've been on the island 4 years now, not little anymore.

I think they'll say that the bomb worked and that the people on the island still are trapped in some sort of alternate reality/dimension existence that they escape when they die and their other selves will go on. How else does the whole island end up under water as the oceanic flight passes above it? The island is doomed people, it's just a matter of time.

Her Bad Mother

Also, did anyone else notice that Claire's ultrasound was October 22, 2004 - one month AFTER the plane was supposed to go down???

I can't believe I forgot that one.

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