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Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

What's blowing my mind? The fact that I just sat there watching the show last night and didn't think of any of this on my own...well except that Jack is big whiny mirror-smashing baby and I can't really stand him anymore and if the black monster man wants to come and eat his face I'll be alright with that.


I think Jack did attend his father's funeral but didn't notice his son being upset because he's a little clueless. Just like he had no idea that his son was a master pianist.

Btw I loved Dogen as the other dad at the audition!


I'm thinking Kate better be careful talking to Claire next week!


The asian structure was the place where Jin and Sun got married, where Jacob touched them, and the church with the steeple was where Sawyer's parent's funeral was. It was where Jacob gave him the pen to finish his note. I'm thinking maybe alterna-world is the land that undoes whatever Jacob did. Maybe Sun and Jin aren't married, maybe Sawyer isn't hunting er, Sawyer, and maybe when Jacob touched Jack in the hospital it wasn't the first time. Maybe that's why we see his childhood house, cause Jacob's been influencing him longer than we thought.

Whoops, I think my geek is showing.

Her Bad Mother


See, I thought that was all kinda weird, because a) why would Jack's son have to *tell* him he was upset (his mother didn't ask, 'didn't you notice?' - she asked, 'didn't he TELL you?') and b) that piano thing - his son said that he used to sit and watch him practice and get really intense about it (that's why he didn't tell him he was auditioning), but Jack seemed to have forgotten.

is he just forgetting stuff? memory blockage because HE WASN'T REALLY THERE?

And yes: DOGEN. Awesome.

Bay @ Queen mother blog

I love, love, love your Juliet baby-mama theory!! In my Lost recap (well, in the comments, I was in a hurry) I was trying to figure out who it could be & I think you're so right.
Totally ridiculous that they wouldn't look at the other names on the wheel.
And I agree with the other commenters who think Dogen rocks. I have the hots for him :)

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