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This is the first I've heard of an easy-bake oven (Ronald Howes' invention didn't trip across the Atlantic), but I would have totally wanted one. Then I could have had a tea party with my Sindy gang (our sturdy version of the Barbie), and the disembodied head that is Girls World. If there were a reason to only have sons (and I have three), I think my worrying reaction to the nursery oven is that reason. Now off to buy them some ruffled aprons to prove that I don't stereotype by gender.

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

I was always desperate for an Easy-Bake oven. I never really understood why I was never allowed to have one. Now I have two kids and dammit one of them is going to get an Easy-Bake oven! I thought about buying one for my son but I'm a bit distressed by the pinkness of the ovens. Not sure why they can't be a little more unisex-looking.

RIP Mr Howes.


R.I.P. Dude, you invented something pretty sweet. I always wanted one too. So did my mother in law. In fact, she wanted one really bad when she was little and asked Santa and didn't get one but her best friend did. Because of that she decided to never do Santa with her kids. I told her if she tries ruining Santa for my kids I'll throw down. My sister in law and I have considered getting her one but didn't know if she'd take it well or not. I've decided when I have kids I'll have them give her one so she can't get upset about it.

ame i.

My parents wouldn't buy me one either!
But, flash-forward 28 years and what did they do? Yep, bought them for each of my 2 daughters! I was very self-satisfied when that recall was issued. Take that Mom and Dad!
They did buy me the Sunshine Family Farm (u could milk the cow, the chicken laid eggs!), the Sunshine Family Country Store (so fun to make tiny bowls with the tiny pottery wheel!) and the Bionic Woman's classroom among many other things.

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