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A friend of one of my sons did the same thing in math class. He got a referral. (basically a detention with a note sent to the parents.) I laughed. But I did try not to laugh in front of the children. I'm not sure this is the same as the other ridiculous incidents you mentioned. Those were so completely over the top. This was detention. Eh, I got detention for talking during class when I was a kid. So this, not too bad.


Ehhh, boys will be boys. I have three. Maybe he could have sat out of recess? A good talking too? So glad everyday that I didn't go into the teaching field, lol.


I have just arrived home from daughter's elementary. She was suspended for something pretty insignificant. I do think there is an attitude if you are out of the box in any way lets try and push you back in the box.


Nah - I think he did deserve a detention. If someone had said "that's what she said," in response to the statement "you need to push it in further," in a work situation, they could have been reprimanded for sexual harassment. There's a time and a place for that kind of humour - but yeah, if he grows up to be a comedian, the detention slip could be worth something.

Lona @ I am THAT mommy

Maybe it's awful (I dunno, I don't THINK so) but if my son ever comes home with detention for saying that, there's no way I'm going to be able to be that mad at him, or not laugh when I read it.

Matter of fact, about three weeks ago, my 4-year-old got in trouble at school for shrieking, "Damn the man!" and I know exactly where he got it from. So the chances of detention for something like this, for my son? Practically a given.


As a teacher~this is realy funny and I would totally tell evey one about it, but the child would still get in trouble for inappropriate language-it is not comedy, it is bar talk. I would probably have taken him aside and explained it was not a good thing to say and to never say it in school again-But I am also willing to bet this was not his first Smart Ass Rodeo...


I remember getting detention for hiding out in the girls bathroom during the first half of lunch because it was raining outside. A bunch of us planned on spending the rest of lunch break in the library but we had to wait for the second bell.

Damn teacher busted us and made us do lines. Bah.

I think that was a bit of overkill. A lecture on keeping your mouth shut or something but detention?

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