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I've tasted mine, I'm not ashamed to say. I have dared my husband many times to taste it but he always gags. WTF, there he goes making fun of my cooking again.


@Heather Bwahahahaha Sometimes men dont appreciate the finer things in life -- like your amazing rack of life.


I too gained respect I never though I could muster for a Kardashian, but she has endeared herself too me. I saw her on the Bonnie Hunt show when Dooce was on and she seemed to....down to earth. Those wacky reality show stars...always keeping us on our toes.

katie | motherbumper

@Babyinbrooklyn Who knew she'd be so... normal? I'm pleasantly surprised because I really never saw that one coming.


I know I am not famous so me saying the following will not make people like or dislike me however! I not only tasted my breast milk, but made butter out of it - not because I thought it would be a delicious and healthy treat. No, I made butter out of my breast milk just to see if I could.

I put it on toast and it tasted pretty funky.....

Her Bad Mother

Erin wins.


In case you're curious, I wrote about it after the fact.http://pluffthechuff.wordpress.com/2009/04/25/the-breast-cuisine-in-town/


Wow Erin! I am at a loss for words on that one!

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