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Lady Mama

I also like the parallels between the way the characters connect with each other in the alternate universe and the island - as though the same people are destined to interact. Kate and Claire, for instance. And I'm guessing Jack is going to perform spinal surgery on Locke (before the wedding?).

Also, I was wondering if there was any significance of the numbers besides the names in the cave. Obviously they're THE numbers (4, 8, 15, etc.). But is there some other meaning? In the Lost Experience (the game) it was revealed the numbers are the Valenzetti Equation, but perhaps now they're alluding to something else...?

And Sawyer, yes, nom. Does he just keep getting hotter?


Was it just me or did Sawyer look like he'd shat his pants in the scene just before he went off with Mock Locke? Much less Sawyer nom there ;)

The alternate reality is a little weird. Wouldn't ...damn what's her name... in the temp agency recognize Locke since they were both on the flight? I mean, he's a bald dude in a wheelchair. EVERYONE probably walked past him to get off...

And the fact we have Ethan and Ben in the outside world...so the ONLY reason they are on the island is cause the plane didn't crash...oh my head.

But still LOMGST!! Love love LOVE it!!


So - every week, are they doing the rerun and then a new episode?

As with the cave - I think they were trying to place quite a significance on the white and black rock being in balance - and then not.

Love the summary!

red pen mama

1. *snort* I think Terry O'Neill was getting an eyefull of Josh Holloway in those loose white boxers. Great line, though.

2. I got freaked out by that too. I think Smokey/Not Locke takes on the characteristics of whomever he's borrowed.

4. Ben Linus only lied ONCE this whole episode.

6. Claire. Frank Lapidus. Miles. Bernard and Rose. Mr. Eko.

9. The Sideways story and the on-Island story are linked somehow, but not sure how yet. I think our characters are happier because they have a different past — Jacob hasn't touched them in the Sideways story.

I have some misgivings about Jacob.

10. I couldn't stop staring at Sawyer ass in those jeans. Nom indeed.


1.) Am I the only one who is unmoved my Sawyer's "nomness"?
2.) Ben Linus the History teacher, Oh please SIGN ME UP!! I don't know why but I am moth to flame when it come's to Ben Linus.
3.) Red Pen Mama: Don't be swayed by Smoke Locke, Jacon is GOOD! And yummy, well before he turned into a creepy kid.
4.) We know Juliet sent the message, "It did work" and it's tied into the weird alternate reality, and maybe it is a "heaven" of sorts, we see John Locke finally accept that there are "things he can't do". He seems less weak to me somehow at the end of that episode.
5.) Back to Ben Linus, I want this alternate reality for him. Where the island never touched him, where he wasn't changed by whatever it was they did to save his life. I want Ben Linus the redeemed, dammit!
6.) Am I the only one who's just super glad that Kate didn't manage to suck Sawyer back into her little web?
7.) Sun and Jin, the alternate version..WTF?

red pen mama

@gwensarah, I am generally unmoved by Sawyer's nom-ness (I'm hot for Sayid), but his bum in those jeans... I don't know, maybe it was because I was ovulating, but I found it hard to look away. (TMI)

And, no, I'm glad that Sawyer seems immune to Kate, at last. Whew.


i kind of took the cave scene as a reference to the cave of the spleen from the rape of the lock. there are just so many connections here, or maybe it is just me... sawyer's sadness & the cave of the spleen being metaphor for melancholoy... all of this Lost biblical-esque-ness the rape of the lock was written by alexander 'pope'.... john locke is bald and this poem is about losing hair (loosely speaking of course)... and hello rape of the "lock" or should that be "locke"???

okay, i hope someone appreciates my sense of humor.

as for saywer, i wish he would go drown his sorrows in some kate just so we can be done with this melancholy silliness and see some more of those dimples we all know and love.


I love the parallels you've drawn between the cave and Plato's Allegory. Locke disturbing the "balance" of dark and light by throwing out the white rock -or the equivalent of "good" as I saw it- seemed symbolic to me obviously of his and Jacobs rivalry. As to say, "the dark side has won."

Very interesting questions you have brought up.

And now I am off to meditate and visualize Josh Halloway, standing pants-less in my bedroom, reciting those words about putting his pants on, over and over in my head. NOM motherfuckking NOM indeed, bitches.

Janice - The Fitness Cheerleader

Sawyer... Nom, nom, nom. That is all.

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