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I won't lie, I'd for sure at least try them on. ;)


PajamaJeans and a Snuggie and my life will be complete.


@Tastelinkcrazy Dont forget a Slap Chop to avoid unnecessary energy-usage during snack prep and stuff. Youll love my nuts!

Apryl's Antics

I'm thinking these are the perfect compliment to the egg nog I'm currently wearing.


@Apryls Antics - Ive seen your pajama bottoms girlfriend and Id save those Guiness beauties for special occasions only. Those are classy. So is egg nog in February.


So funny. And so sad.

I have tears rolling from the Slap Chop comment...


Yoga pants (aka my uniform for LIFE and not even CLOSE to wearing pajamas in public) are AWESOME. It's WORKOUT WEAR. Ahem.

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