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Kathy - Mom of 2 in MI

Princesses are like Barbie --they only have the power that we as adults give them. As kids, we just think princesses are fun; we love to play dress up and have "shiney" jewels or a crown --but then five minutes later we're off climbing the apple tree. Don't worry about princesses --let her enjoy them. She's going to model herself after you --not after a story book character that she knows isn't real.

stacy O

I agree, My daughter is a HUGE Princess fan, She is 4, but when I ask her what she wants to be when she grows up its never "A Princess mommy" Even though she is 4 and is playing in pretend world, she is also set in reality. Let her have fun.
For the record, though, My favorite princess is and always will be Belle. She didnt start out as a princess, wasnt showy, and fell in love with his INSIDE heart first, not looks (like Ariel).

Annie @ PhD in Parenting

I'm not sure, but this feminist's daughter love's Minnie Mouse and all things princess and yesterday told her dad she "thinks about princesses ALL THE TIME". We're having a princess birthday party next month.


Disney is all about growing up and learning. I myself learnt a lot (although i fail to come up with one single example right now..) anyhow, it's good fun, and with you are her mom, you needn't worry.

myself and a friend wrote this post, and Stacy made me think of it with her comment.


i meant to type, you as her mom. stupid cold. sorry for the typo.

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