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Mulan has been a favorite of mine for years. I actually don't think the princesses are a bad thing as long as you balance them with a little bit of grit. Part of being a feminist (to me) is saying that women can be whatever they want. And if my tiny woman wants to be covered in pink glitter and satin, then who am I to say she can't. I just want her to make sure she has all the options.

Mama Snyder

Mulan is by far the most rockin' of the princess sect. I'll even go as far as endorsing Mulan II - especially the song about not wanting to be a princess, but wanting to be "like other girls." Mulan - FTW


I love Mulan. I also love the fact my 2 yr old daughter told her Aunty, she didn't want to be Barbie, cos all she does is look pretty, she wants to be Dora and have adventures. :o)

carrien (she laughs at the days)

The best princesses are Hayao Myazaki's female heroines. Princess Nausicaa, Princess Mononoke, Chihiro in Spirited Away, all strong, strong interesting female characters that kick ass. I like the way he portrays women in his films, and my girls love to watch them, so it's a win win.

Even My Neighbor Totoro has as the main character a strong little girl who holds her family together, with mythical help of course.


He'd be utterly ashamed if he found out I was making this public: my 13-year-old son just watched Mulan again. That's how good that princess is.

(And don't tell anyone at his middle school, 'k?)

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