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My sister proudly served Apple Jacks on Valentine's Day when her kids were little; it turned the milk pink. I used to make green eggs (but no ham) for my kids, which they loved, but the purple milk was just gross.


@feefifoto GREEN EGGS??? My kid loves eggs and I bet that would blow her mind. Thanks for the idea. Tho Im disappointed the purple milk didnt go over well. Was it too Barney-fied?


Wow! Props to her!

bridget {bake at 350}

These are so totally adorable! I can just imagine my kiddo's face....I might even add in some chocolate chips! ;)


Those pancakes are so cool! They go great with this rainbow cake that I've been coveting ever since I saw it.


TJ Jimenez

having the bulimic urge to regurgitate the most recent mommy transgression which i have consumed, wholly, and in one guilty bite, into the ever-deepening recesses of myriad misdemeanors

this blog seems like the perfect forum for salvation, in the sprit of defrocked priests sneaking into sanctified confessionals to get their woodies on with some poor schmuck's two on one repentance

thank you so much for a bad mommy's club

now, where do begin saying my hail mary's?

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