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Sounds awesome! Have a great time!


How many small animals do you plan to crush beneath the wheels of your glittermobile?

katie | motherbumper

@TwoBusy -- MOI? Like I've said before: the gopher was on a suicide mission. He threw himself in front of the car.

BTW - I'm loving the glittermobile term and I'm stealin' it. Thank you!

Katherine from Postpartum Progress

Tell us when you'll be in ATL! We'll have lots of fried things awaiting you!

Laura Scarborough

can't wait to meet you all and run with you Catherine at the tiarathon.

アダルト 被リンク

Wow,sounds great, good luck and have a good time.

LoveFeast Table

Can't Jasper be the handsome Prince Charming?? Cause every coach needs one of those on the way to the ball.


I hope you have a fabulous time!


Hope you all sparkle with wonderful beauty. Enjoy the trip !

domestic extraordinaire

can't wait to see you !

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