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Marital arts eh? I wonder how many marriages he's saved with that move :P

(sorry, that typo was too hard to resist. Great picture!)


@Kristin I BLAME MY EDITOR (which would be the one in my head). Corrected thank you ;)


Hahahaha! Love it!

The Mayor

I have a young friend who specializes in painting Russian historical figures. Just help my daughter hang an original of Lenin and Trotsky in her living room (she was a Russian major in college).

I'm going to have to clue my artist friend in to some more provocative canvases given Vlady's smokin' physique.


I will bet you good money that Harper does NOT look like that with his shirt off! He may act like he's former KGB, but does he LOOK like he's former KGB. Nooooo.. We got ripped off.

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