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I can see how the dad probably thought it was cute and a cool experience for the child, but I definitely think he should receive some sort of slap on the wrist for this. He used bad judgement. Luckily no one was hurt.


I think we all just love to find fault in other people's actions and now the FAA feels compelled to step up and say "oh my, we never would have allowed this" because of the outcry in the media. Really?? Was there no supervisor or other controller there at the time that might have said, "dude. not a good idea." if it truly wasn't safe? It seems really unlikely that this guy (or his co-workers, cuz I doubt he was alone) would have allowed his son to "help" if he had even the slightest doubt that all would be safe and secure. I mean he was right there, feeding him the lines. I think it's a major overreaction. I feel sorry for him and also his kids. (His daughter apparently cleared a couple planes too BTW.) What was probably going to be an exciting day seeing Daddy's job is now most likely embarrassing and a bit scary.


I agree, total overreaction. Do you really think that I pilot would have blindly accepted a direction from a kid that was obviously incorrect? "Dive the plane into the ocean." "Roger that." Yeah, right.


Absurd! If he'd left the kid in control and gone out to have a smoke or something, then I'd be outraged. But bringing the kid to work and letting him say a few words to the pilots while he's right there making sure everything is fine? Who cares! FAA needs to focus on what really matters and forget the media and their sensationalizing everything!


There used to be a day for this. A day set aside for parents to take their children to work, teach them about their profession, good work ethic, excellence in job performance, etc. I don't think anyone was ever in any danger. The dad was right there, the kid was only saying what he was being coached to say and everything was clearly under control. I think it's awesome that this dad cared enough to show his kids what he does, how he does it and why it's important.


I think the Fun Police have scored with this one - it's not like the boy was directing traffic on his own, his Dad took him to work and let him say a final clearance to a couple of pilots. I think it's an awesome thing for a Dad to do, he was being responsible, as MBonn pointed out, and showing him a world most young boys would find totally cool. I did admin work for an airport a while back ona temp job, and got to have a look-see at the tower, trust me, everything is super-tightly controlled, and there are always a whole mess of people there, making sure everybody else isn't dropping the ball (or the planes!) If he was really being irresponsible, the other TC's would've pitched a fit.

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

I watched this on the news last night and I admit to thinking something was a bit hinky. Not good judgement on the part of the dad for sure. Even more disturbing was that the pilots all just went with it. Not one of them seemed to say "Um I'm flying a plane with hundreds of people aboard, do you mind if I talk to your Dad?" WTH is up with that?

I think it's cool to take your son to work and show him the control room but it's one thing to show him the computers and listen in and another to actually direct flight traffic.

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