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I'm TOTALLY squeeing. In a ridiculous sort of "I-am-a-silly-child-at-heart" kinda way. SQUEEEEEE!!!!

XOXO Rachael

Melissa @MBonn

I just watched this on mamapop and squeed and came over here and did it again. And will continue to do it until the full trailer come out tomorrow and I die of pure excitement. :P


That's it? I NEED MORE!

Laura Scarborough

i can't squee right now, my 13 year old daughter is looking over my shoulder and she would be mortified to know that her mom is as hot for the sparkly vampire as she is.


I just got chills watching that. I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!


can't wait for full trailer tomorrow morning!!


SQUEEEEEEEE! I totally admit I am a twilight mom!

twilight jewellery

I love Bella! If she is to have a career beyond these films, she is going to have to leave some of the sullenness behind, but the camera loves her, no question.

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