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WTF. I am at a loss for words.


I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, assuming that if you don't provide protection, kids won't have sex is stupid. Way stupid. Stupider than stupid.
On the other hand, condoms for preteens is ishy. Way ishy and I can't quite make my mind work with that information.

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

The thought of 12-year-olds having sex is highly disturbing to me. However, me being freaked out by that doesn't stop them from having sex. If this is true, and kids are having unprotected sex then I don't see how the creation of a condom is going to encourage them to do what they are already apparently doing. The question is would the kids actually be brave enough buy them?


Well, I don't think any boys out there are not having sex because the condoms at the convenience store are too big.

I think twelve is too young and that we all need to do more to let kids off the hook, sexually. I'm afraid our culture sends too many mixed messages. My biggest concern would be in the active marketing of these products, that it would make younger and younger kids believe that having sex is the norm at their age - even if statistically it is not & developmentally should not be the norm.

I have a very nearly 11 year old boy myself and can't really imagine that he is near ready or interested so for now I'll just be counting my lucky stars that I don't have to think about this every day....til later.

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