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My husband works in corrections and they take bodily fluids VERY seriously. Inmates are punished severely for throwing fluids at officers because there is the very real possibility that those fluids are tainted with HIV or Hep C. It does not surprise me that an officer of the law would jump to the same conclusion about breast milk, as ridiculous as that sounds.


I've heard of squirting breast milk as a party trick, but this definitely brings new meaning to slapping authority in the face! Yikes.


Let's take a moment to revel in the part of this that hasn't been pointed out. Public intoxication. Breast feeding. Two great tastes that go great... wait. Maybe not.


Isn't the worst part of this story the fact that a woman who is breast-feeding is out drunk??


Kelly - I have a good friend who used to work in that field and I know bodily fluids are taken seriously in that kind of environment. It doesn't sound ridiculous at all to me.


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