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I think she needs to quit being a whiney baby and get the hell over it. Even if they were making fun of her, she deserves every second of it!


My company does all of those commercials, so I'm biased. Fucking Hilarious!!! That's just my opinion. The footage of those kids is awesome. Actually shot them in Toronto. Lindsay Lohan is insane. Great PR though, for both sides...


Milkaholic? no, Lindsey-now if they used the words Fame Whore, you might have a case..Get a real job!!!!!!!


the pathetic has-been is desperate. Luckily for the babies, she propelled them to stardom. good one. now crawl back to the pub

Melissa @MBonn

It never for a moment occurred to me that they could be referring to her. Until of course she made it about her and now I'll always think of her as "that milkaholic Lindsay"


What makes me laugh about this story is that Lindsay's mother went on the record saying that the commercial in question is a child mocking a child, or something like that. Yes, Lindsay is Dina's child, but she's no child. She's in her early twenties with a rap sheet and what appears to be a substance abuse problem. She's not a child, she's a GROWN ADULT.

This whole lawsuit is absolutely ridiculous. So is Lindsay herself.

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

Until I read this I never equated milkaholic Lindsay with Lohan. Is she the only Lindsay in the World? Gawd lighten up, LL.


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