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ha! love this :) (and she's right, Pocahontas does sing some pretty awesome songs!)

Melissa @MBonn

She's totally right, Pocahontas has the best songs. John Smith is a big stupid.

And what do you have against Belle? She's a bookworm who wanted nothing to do with the strapping idiot man who everyone idolized and who followed her around. Then she sets out on her own to rescue her head in the clouds father and puts herself in danger in his place. It isn't even a love at first sight story, she slowly falls for the sweet guy inside the beast after lots and lots of prodding from the servants. At least that's how I remember it, it may be far worse :P


I forgot about it being Mel. Hmm. John Smith sucks. In reality as in animation.

I, too, love Belle. Love Belle. I love the bookworm. And let's face it, she freakin' rescues everyone. NO ONE in that movie is ever rescued by a man.


Mulan was pretty kick-ass too, but both she and Pcohontas do end up doing the lovely-dovey happily ever after thing. Bah, lovebugs!!! lol

Marilyn @ A Lot of Loves

I have never actually seen Pocohontas but I do recall liking that one song she sings...you know the one.

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