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So I did it here http://rti.serveblog.net/wordpress/index.php/2008/02/09/sharing-the-love-of-books-spreading-the-hatred-of-bags/

And I am coveting those BYO reusable produce bags.

Stefanie Schmidt

I used all my plastic bags to make some jellyfish! I teach marine science classes, so the kids loved making their own sea jelly to take home. It also helped teach how bad bags can be to turtles if they end up in the ocean. I would love to win a reusable bag!

Adventures In Babywearing

I'd love to win- not sure if you have to be in Canada to win? I've posted about my elimination of plastic & paper bags here if that counts: http://www.adventuresinbabywearing.com/2007/04/green-is-my-signature-color.html



I witnessed a cashier who, after being told by me that I didn't need a bag, THROW THE BAG IN THE TRASH. WTF YOU IDIOT!!!!!

Shama-Lama Mama

Oh my gosh, I SO love the fabrics on those Skeeda bags! You can stop using plastic AND look stylish at the same time!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. Here is my entry!


I read recently a fascinating and sad article about how the plastic that DO biodegrade eventually break down into their smallest possible pieces and end up in the ocean. Unfortunately, they greatly resemble the plankton that so many fish eat as their staple diet. Fish caught and opened are being found with bellies partly full of plankton, and mostly full of polymers!! So even the biodegradable plastic is forever changing our environment for the worse. I cannot locate the article, but this tells about the situation:



I can barely crochet with yarn, let alone from yarn made from plastic bags, but my grandmother can. so this is my submission on her behalf. and it is with this challenge and her talent that I take inspiration in an outstanding way to reuse plastic grocery bags. why not make a stylish tote bag or beach bag from the many many bags that pile up? what a fun way to condense, reuse, and re-purpose. Clearly she is not the originator, but she did create and her "bags" are still around and still used years later...the many bags she saved from ending up in landfills, in oceans, or blowing around on freeway off-ramps.


I don't have an entry to post, but a few months ago I made a friend's baby a cool crunchy pillow filled with old plastic bags! He loves it because it crinkles when you touch it.

Shannon S.

I hate plastic bags too and want to use something reuseable but I don't want to carry 30 tote bags to the store every time I go(or pay for them).

I found a cool website that is offering free, reuseable bins made from recycled plastic for free to anyone who signs up. I am waiting for mine - they said they were just getting things up and running and would be sending them asap. I can't wait.

I just thought you might like to check them out, too. www.earthbinclub.org I hope they're as cool as I think they'll be!


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